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???? Gruber Plastic Surgery, featuring the renowned Meegan Gruber, MD, PhD, as seen on our hit TLC TV show, has proudly relocated to Tampa, Florida! ???? At our state-of-the-art facility, we specialize in Awake Plastic Surgery and Liposuction, delivering stunning and transformative results. ???? Our expert team is dedicated to changing lives through innovative techniques and personalized care. Trust us to enhance your beauty with the utmost safety and precision. Experience the exceptional service that has made us a household name. ???? Join us at Gruber Plastic Surgery, where beautiful results await you. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Learn About Plastic Surgery Solutions in Tampa, Florida

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Welcome to Gruber Plastic Surgery: Top Choice for Awake Surgery

Gruber Plastic Surgery, helmed by the acclaimed Meegan Gruber, MD, PhD, makes its new home in Tampa.
Recognized for featuring on our popular TLC TV show, the facility focuses on Awake Plastic Surgery and Liposuction, providing transformative results.
Our committed team excels in transforming lives with cutting-edge techniques and personalized care.
Trust us to improve your beauty with utmost safety and precision.
Experience the outstanding service that has made us a renowned name.
Come to Gruber Plastic Surgery, where stunning results are guaranteed.

Discover Our Comprehensive Services at Gruber Plastic Surgery

At Gruber Plastic Surgery, we provide:

  • Awake Plastic Surgery, enabling patients to remain conscious throughout the procedure.

  • Liposuction techniques that sculpt the body with minimal downtime.

  • Personalized treatment plans to suit specific beauty goals.

  • State-of-the-art technology for precise and effective results.

  • Caring post-operative care that promotes smooth recovery.

Our experts are focused on delivering the highest quality of care.

"At Gruber Plastic Surgery, our priority is the safety of our patients and satisfaction, guaranteeing that each treatment is as safe and effective as possible."

Ensuring Top-Level Safety in Cosmetic Surgery

Safety is the cornerstone of our practice at Gruber Plastic Surgery.
We adhere to rigorous safety protocols and use the most advanced technologies to guarantee safe procedures.
Our team is highly trained in managing any medical scenarios with utmost care.
Ongoing training and safety reviews keep our skills sharp, and our equipment are always state-of-the-art.
Trust us for safe and effective Cosmetic Surgery near me.

"Choosing Dr. Gruber's clinic was the best decision for my Plastic Surgery needs. Dr. Gruber and her team were professional, attentive, and extremely skilled. My outcomes were extraordinary and the procedure was surprisingly smooth. I urge them to anyone looking for top-notch care and transformative results in Tampa Plastic Surgeon services."

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain Awake Surgery?

In Awake Surgery, patients stay alert and can communicate during their Plastic Surgery. This approach utilizes local anesthesia, reducing risks and recovery time while allowing surgeons to work with patient input for better outcomes.

What should I look for in a Tampa Plastic Surgeon?

Choosing the right Tampa Plastic Surgeon involves researching their credentials, reviewing before and Awake Surgery after photos, and reading patient reviews. It's crucial to consult with the surgeon to ensure they understand your goals and can explain the procedure clearly.

How can Liposuction improve my appearance?

Liposuction is effective for removing stubborn fat deposits, improving body contour, and enhancing overall proportions. It's a transformative procedure that can lead to increased self-esteem.

How safe is undergoing Cosmetic Surgery near me?

Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery near me is held to high safety standards, involving expert surgeons and state-of-the-art technology to minimize risks and ensure patient well-being.